Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Yangtze campaign, 1949

Once again the Committee is showing how diverse the topic of petitions can be. This time, it is nothing less than the 1949 Yangtze campaign, thanks to William Leitch who petitioned the PPC only a couple of months ago. If you want to know more about this petition then just go to the PPC website to read petition PE1312.
Mr Leitch spared no efforts in trying to find archives describing the Yangtze campaign and the result is an astonishing collection of videos made between May and November 1949. Among them you will find the original footage of the Amethyst heroes in Hong Kong, the Yang Tse survivors reaching Shangai and London greeting the Amethyst men. All very interesting and informative videos.
Yang Tse survivors reach Shangai - 2.5.1949

Welcome Amethyst! - 3.11.1949

Jack French in his hometown Ashburton - 7.11.1949

The Amethyst returns in triumph - 11.08.1949

H.M.S London returns from the Far East - 15.09.1949

London greets the Amethyst men -17.11.1949

Amethyst heroes in Hong Kong - 18.08.1949

Gibraltar greets the Amethyst - 31.10.1949

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  1. Congratulations to the petitioner, Mr. Leitch, on the results of his enthusiastic research. This is an issue that was new to me. I shall take the time to look through the archive materials and shall certainly subscribe to the petition.