Friday, 16 July 2010

Meeting in Arran

The PPC will be meeting at Arran High School on Monday 13 September and will start at 9.30 am. It will consider new and current petitions and it is hoped that some of these petitions will originate from the Arran / North Ayrshire area.

What characterizes the PPC is that it is a public facing committee and that it is committed to furthering the opportunities for engagement with the public. Once the formal business is finished, part of the proceedings will be turned over to a Q&A session (around 11.30 am).

Anyone in the audience will have the opportunity to discuss the work of the Parliament with the nine MSPs on the PPC, but also learn more about public petitioning, how to engage with the Parliament, what is the relevance of the Parliament to community groups, voluntary bodies, associations, etc.

The success of the meeting does, to an extent, depend on getting people to come along and participate. That is why the Committee hopes you will be able to attend on the 13th September. More details on the actual petitions the Committee will discuss on the day will emerge nearer the time (the Committee's meeting agenda is published on