Friday, 29 October 2010

Yet more history in the making!

Yet more history in the making by the committee today (the committee of 'firsts'!). The PPC will be the first committee to hold a formal meeting in this Debating Chamber when it holds a meeting as part of the Scottish Youth Parliament conference. This is also the first time it has held a meeting to consider only petitions from a 'dedicated group' as the three petitions on the agenda are from young people. The other first is (I think) this will be the first time the PPC has met on a Friday (OK that one a bit weak!).
You can watch the meeting live via Holyrood TV. Meeting starts at 10.30 am. I think today will form another chapter in my memoirs!
Fergus, Clerk to the PPC
Here is a link to Holyrood TV interview with PPC COnvener and SYP Chair (sorry, not a live hyperlink so you need to paste URL into your browser)

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