Thursday, 28 January 2010

Power blackouts imminent!!

The first band I ever saw in concert was Status Quo. Edinburgh Odeon, (June 1978 I think), row A, seat 15 (I still have all my concert tickets). Now you can imagine the sheer noise and power of being seated in the front row, right in front of a bank of 20 Marshall speakers. My ears have never been the same since! And the point is caller...!!!
Well, we have just issued the papers for the Committee next meeting on 9 February. There are 46 petitions on the agenda that day so, apologies to any PCs that crash or power surges caused as you try to access all this information. I am waiting for an e-mail from out IT folk here to tell me my inbox in full (so how will I get your e-mail?!)
These are all current petitions - ones already in the system. This is something the committee does a couple of time a year to try and move some petitions along. There are probably around 120 petitions under active consideration by the committee at the moment. Anyway, you will be able to see the full agenda from Friday when it appears on the PPC webpage. I wont flag up any in particular as there are so many. Usual start time of 2.00 pm on the 9th for this meeting. Beer and sandwiches in reserve just in case! Now, where did I put my sawn off denim jacket...
Fergus, Clerk to the PPC

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