Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Meeting Tuesday 4 May

I don't think committee is aiming to repeat the marathon 4 hour meeting on 20 April at its next meeting on Tuesday 4 May in CR1 (if you want to watch on Holyrood TV). Agenda and papers issued today, on PPC webpage tomorrow morning in usual place.
Only three new petitions with oral presentations on the first two-
PE1315 Stop the illegal killing of birds of prey (lodged by from RSPB Scotland - there was a lot of publicity about this when it was lodged) and
PE1323 Community Centres for Scottish Shia Muslims
Committee will also be discussing a revised work programme which will cover possible revisions to meeting dates for 2010, external meetings, and also work around the young petitioners meeting it will be holding. That is last agenda item.
Hoping for a straight forward meeting (don't I always!).
Fergus, Clerk to the PPC

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