Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Well done Arran High School

Well, Arran may have had horizontal rain yesterday but the High School did the PPC proud with a memorable external meeting. Piped into the school on arrival and then, after a few words of welcome from the head teacher, Douglas Auld, young Struan Robertson recited some Burns. Now it isnt everyday (or in fact ever!) that you have some Burns at a committee meeting. Katy Simmons and Scott Currie presented their petition to the PPC members and then spoke informatively and confidently about the travel costs and problems faced by young people in remote and rural areas. We have some photos of the pupils handing their petition over to the Committee on our Picasa webpage. After the formal meeting, the PPC members held a 'lively' Q&A session with the 5th and 6th year pupils. A quick lunch and then the afternoon ferry back to the mainland. Decided against going on to deck as I may have been blown back to Arran (or beyond). This was the last external PPC meeting but a really good one to end with so thank you to everyone at the school who made it work so well.
You can watch an extract of Katy and Scott's presentation to the Committee below

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