Thursday, 25 June 2009

Radio 4 piece on public petitions

Good piece on BBC Radio 4World Tonight on Wed 24 June which discussed Scottish Parliament's public petitions process. You can listen again through BBC i-player
Any thoughts on this?


  1. interesting piece. think house of commons could learn from scottish parli about petitons. wonder if they will though!

  2. Thanks. There is a lot of interest in other countries in the Scottish Parliament's public petitions process. Discussions and mtgs with parliaments in Wales, Australia, Catalonia, Czech republic and others. Also fair amount of media interest in this 10th anniversary year in how the Parliament engages with people. Petitions a good example but of course you must demonstrate that petitioning can lead to change, that there is a purpose to it. I believe the PPC does demonstrate this (but you would expect me to say that I guess!).
    Fergus, Clerk to PPC