Sunday, 7 March 2010

Scottish Youth Parliament March conference

I've just come back from chairing a session at the Scottish Youth Parliament's March conference in Coatbridge. First up, thanks to the SYP for inviting me along to chair your motions session today - hope I did OK!!
Four motions had been proposed by MSYPs which were debated and voted on. Three of the motions were suuccessful so well done to the three MSYPs who presented their cases extremely well and responded to some very well thought out and relevant questions. It was evident from the debates that took place on each motion that the MSYPs were well grounded in the issues and it was a pity that we didnt have more time to spend discussing them.
Anyway, it was a honour for me to take part and I look forward to the partnership betweeen the SYP and work which the PPC is doing in the months ahead.
Fergus, Clerk to the PPC

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