Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Well done Waid Academy!

Well done to all at Waid Academy for a cracking meeting yesterday. There's a lot of work to put together an external meeting with laying out the hall, catering, putting up with us during a school day but you did a great job. A fantastic musical welcome with pipers and all set up the committee members nicely.

The Question Time session just after lunch was, shall we say, lively! I hope the pupils and the teachers found this direct questioning of MSPs useful. Don't think you were left in any doubt of the views of the MSPs to the questions asked.
Lots of photos taken yesterday which I will post up on to our Picasa page - should have these later this morning. I'll paste some of them on to this post.

Well done also the 5 petitioners who spoke to the committee about their petitions. We'll start working on taking these petitions forward - details via each petition page on the committee's website


You can see lots more photos from yesterday's meeting via our Picasa page
Fergus, Clerk to the PPC

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